Our instructors

Romanos Foskinis

My own experience with sailing started in Paros Nautical Club in 2002, when all of a sudden, one day I noticed some small boats sailing at the sea. My curiosity was big enough to want to know what they are and what they do. This was my first contact and so my sailing experience began as an athlete of the Paros Nautical group, passing gradually from the Beginners class to the Racing Class. Firstly sailing in the Optimist class and then as an athlete in the Laser.

Taking part in the racing team of the nautical club group, I was involved in the championship with great dedication, occupying important distinctions staggered initially in local and national races. In the meanwhile preparing for the school exams and studying for the University entrance I had time to think what this sport , which so much I loved, had finally offered to me.

I understood that doing this sport so passionately ,through all this time I learned to put goals and then how to strive and easily manage difficult situations and get over them and accept any defeat or any success. Further more I realized that the most important you can learn through this sport is that you can learn ways to deal with things in real life, those things that cannot be taught in schools and skills useful for a lifetime. While being student in the Physics Department of the University of Crete I was consciously involved as a sailor with the J24 university class sailing club ,for a short time. Later I started working as a coach in the Yacht club Gazi of Crete 2012-2015 taking training racing courses and adults classes in order to make children and adults see this sport as I have seen this through my eyes and love it. Since 2016 I have been a member of the coaching team of Nautical Club of Paros continuing the work , showing and training everyone what I have been trained on the whole by the club itself.

Alexandros Mogadam

Alexandros is always tireless and smiling and he will insist on solving any athlete's query after the training session. He will take off his rainproof coat only when he will be certain that there are no other questions. He always has something nice to say for everybody and he is one of the most beloved among his students but also from everybody in the profession. When he is not with his students, he is in a constant search of how things could be better organised and which is the best way so as each of his athletes to individually improve their abilities. Alexandros, who has studied computer science, has a passion for music, photography and travelling, has started sailing from the age of 7. Match racing won his heart in 2009 in an effort with Sofia's Bekatorou team, after already having a long and successful carreer in two-seated dinghies and in keelboats. He is participating in the Match Race Academy since 2013 having already a 6 year training carreer.

Stavroula Theochari

I started sailing when I was 10 years old. As a permanent resident of Paros, when I first went to the nautical club to start my lessons, I saw the sea, the boats sailing with such an ease and I said to myself I am here to stay. Since then I haven't been out of the water. The first three years I had an optimist boat and later on I went to the laser category where I started going in for the sport competively. My next step and dream was this sport to become my profession by which I could start offering the knowledge that I was given all these years that was not only about how to sail a boat but about having communication with my fellow athletes, togetherness, strengthening of characters, confidence and determination. So I decided to study in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science where I am constantly being offered knowledge especially in the training field.

Nikos Kelaiditis

From my first experience with sailing which I gained in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science, I was more attracted by the training field. It was a real challenge for me the fact that this sport includes the element of water and the fact that the weather conditions play an important role in the way of conducting it. Therefore, I decided to follow through the university the specialty of sailing so as to take part in races as an athelete as well as an assistant in the races board and later on to become a professional coach. Apart from going in for the sport competively, another reason that made me love sailing is that it includes the element of pleasure that offers adventure, entertainment, a lot of laughter and wonderful memories to all the people who try it regardless of their age and experience. I am very happy and excited that I managed to do my favourite sport, my profession.